Black Blade Measuring Tape

  • Compact
  • Thicker
  • Black blade
  • 1. Black painted ABS case                                                                                                

    2. Compact case, Artistic case design, Labor saving 50%  , Easy to carry                                        

    3.  With one regular stop , convenient to use 

    4. High performance spring makes the blade drawing back slowly and safe

    5. With original black blade, strong rust resistance, better water proof                                      

    6. Original blade thickness 0.14mm, nylon wrap ,  40% thicker than normal blade.  Better water resistance , Buy 1pc=8pcs 0.11mm blade tape lifetime. Thicker blade can keep the blade vertical standout 40% higher than normal blade                

    7. Black blade with white color printing . The whole blade is black and white  , It is with high visibility even in dark place

    8. Double side blade printing , More convenience and precision 

  • Product Details
  • Product Information

    3m/10ft 16mm/5/8" 6PCS 72PCS  
    5m/16ft 19mm/3/4" 6PCS 72PCS
    5m/16ft 25mm/1" 6PCS 72PCS
    5.5m/18ft 19mm/3/4" 6PCS 72PCS
    5.5m/18ft 25mm/1" 6PCS 72PCS
    7.5m/25ft 25mm/1" 6PCS 48PCS
    8m/26ft 25mm/1" 6PCS 48PCS
    10m/33ft 25mm/1" 6PCS 48PCS